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A Professional Course of Pinterest Marketing and Promotions

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction To Pinterest :
Course Audience
What You are Going to Learn From This Course ?

Digital Marketing :
Overview of Digital Marketing
What is Digital Marketing?
Social Media Marketing

Pinterest Basics :
Pinterest Basics Overview
Working Principle of Pinterest
What is Pinterest Used For?
What is Pinning?
What are Pinterest Boards?
What are the Types of Pinterest Accounts ?
Pinterest Terminology

Create, Manage and Customize Accounts through Pinterest :
Setup Pinterest Account
Signing up With a Facebook account
Signing up with an EMail Account
Setting up a Business Account
How to Convert a Pinterest Personal Account to Business Account
Pinterest as a Social Network

Pinterest Interface :
Home Feeds
Profile Interface
Changing a Pinterest Profile
Profile Interface in Business Account

Pinterest Pinning :
Pinterest Pinning Overview
Types of Pinterest Boards
Categorizing on Pinterest Boards
What are Pinnable Websites?
Pinning an Image from Website
Editing a Pin after Pinning

Pinterest Pinnable Images :
Pinnable Images Overview
Best Practices for Pinnable Images
Tips for Making a Pinnable Image
Pinning an Image
Pin Description
Pinning Frequency

Rich Pins in Pinterest :
Rich Pins Overview
What are Rich Pins?
Features of Rich Pins
Creating a Rich Pin

PicMonkey Software :
PicMonkey Overview
How to use Picmonkey?
Benefits of PicMonkey
Practices With PicMonkey Software Part1
Practices With PicMonkey Software Part2
Practices With PicMonkey Software Part3
Practices With PicMonkey Software Part4
Practices With PicMonkey Software Part5

Canva Software :
Canva Overview
Advantages and Using of Canva
Practices With Canva Software Part1
Practices With Canva Software Part3

Promote Your Pins in Pinterest :
Promote Your Pins Part1
Promote Your Pins Part2
Promote Your Pins Part3
Promote Your Pins Part4
Promote Your Pins Part5
Promote Your Pins Part6
Promote Your Pins Part7

Promoted Pins in Pinterest :
Promoted Pins Overview
What are Promoted Pins?
Tips for Promoting Pins on Pinterest

Tracking the Traffic in Pinterest :
Tracking the Traffic Overview
Pin Impressions
All Time Summary
Customer Demographics on Pinterest

Planning a Campaign in Pinterest :
Planning a Campaign
Following other Pinners

Drive Traffic in Pinterest :
Drive Traffic
Tips on Drive Traffic from Pinterest

Generate Customer Loyalty in Pinterest :
Generate Customer Loyalty
Why does Customer Loyalty Matter?
Pin Alerts in Pinterest

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