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80 Xcode Tips To Improve Productivity – Xcode 9 iOS11 Swift4

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :

30 Tips and Tricks :
How to use Xcode Preview
Vertical stacked assistant editor
Group multiple controls using the "Embed in view"
Lock control properties to prevent changes
Use image directly without writing any code
Change the height of controls by using layout constraints
Creating color pallettes for your projects
Use installed checkbox to temporarily remove a view from the scene
Code snippet with shortcut to boost productivity
Control drag between views to set layout constraints
Add tokens to code snippets
How and why you should use outlet collections
Add breakpoint exception
Change variable name in scope
Project-wide variable rename
Give names to controls inside the document outline
Options to bring up the heirarchy of views to make selection easier
Media library and adding image without adding UIImageView
Use the Option key to see the distances between controls
Open file quickly
Open quickly in assistant editor
Treat warnings as errors
How to use constraint identifier
How to extract method
Enable line numbers and jumping to a line number
Folding and unfolding codes using ribbons
Xcode tabs will make you more productive
3D view to open files in different modes
Refactor to storyboard: how to use multiple storyboards
File template library
Add multiple objects at the same time from the object library
Structural highlighting
Meaning of letters beside project navigator files
Double length pseudo language
Increase or decrease font size of code
Under opaque bar property of a view controller
Resize to fit to content
Different ways to duplicate your controls
Make bulk changes - modify properties of disimilar controls
Quick way to edit constraint value
Named colors
Right click on view controller icon to see all connections
Resolving constraint issues using the document outline
Intrinsic size and constraints
Jump to definition using command click
Drag code to a new location
Autocomplete productivity - combine multiple keywords
Comment out chunks of code
Option click to open file in assistant editor
Command + Enter to get out of assistant editor mode
Jump through the 8 navigator tabs using shortcut commands
Automatic indentation
Indent code to the left or right
Hide the left or right pane with simple shortcut keys
Dragging objects directly to the document outline
Double click on objects inside document outline to move them around
Function dropdown for easy navigating your code file
Option click to see quick definition of classes
Searching current file and entire project
Add quick documentation to any function
Change the name of the app from plist
Show or hide the autocomplete window
Horizontal and vertical guides
Multiple ways to deal with breakpoints
Build, Run and Stop Xcode with shortcut keys
Clean the project
Recently changed files
File history takes you directly to where you last worked
Quickly change images in your project
Quickly switch between two Xcode windows
Show bounds rectangle
Placeholder background
Step through your issues
Select different nearby neighbour for constraints
Adjust label height based on it's content using flexible height constraint
Quickly open assistant editor mode
Hide or show the debug area with keyboard shortcut
Move single or multiple lines of code up or down
View plist as source code

Conclusion and Bonus :

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