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65 Actionable Branding Strategies: 3x Your Traffic

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Branding XL :
65 Strategies & Tactics That Will Triple Your Profit: An Intro
Strategy #1 & Other Great Reasons to Brand Your Business
1 page

Visual & Verbal Branding :
The Secret to Viral Names & Unique Selling Propositions (USPs)
Strategies #2-5: A Recap
1 page
On Creating Icons & Logos: 4 Things You Probably Didn't Know
Strategies #6-9: A Visual Branding Checklist
1 page

Engaging with Your Audience :
How to Become the Go-To Resource for Anything and Everything in Your Niche
The Easiest Way to Bring People to Your Site
BuzzBundle Setup
The Best Social Media Marketing Strategy I've Seen (And No One's Using It)
How to Get 50% E-mail Response Rates
Strategies #10-19: Getting in Front of Your Audience
1 page

High-Converting Promotions :
The Most Effective Promotion Strategy (Giveaways)
How to Create Trust, Spend Less & Make More
Strategies #20-26: Promotions that Convert
1 page
Master This Strategy and You Kill the Competition
Strategies #27-31: Connecting with Your Audience
1 page

Free Press :
Getting Paid to Speak
From Local Newspapers to The New York Times in One Month
Strategies #32-39: Trading Up the Chain
1 page
The NEW Press Release: 2016 Edition
10 Ways to Make Sure Your Press Release Gets Read and Written About
Strategies #40-49: PR Like a Boss
1 page

How to Become a Celebrity to Your Audience :
How to Reach 1,000s & Establish Authority
Strategies #50-53: Online Nostalgia
1 page
The Easiest Way to Get Influential People to Promote for You
Strategies #54-60: Can I Have Your Autograph?
3 pages

The Most Underused Branding Strategies :
How to Use Your Customers to Go Viral
Strategies #61-65: Creating Word of Mouth
1 page
Thank You!
Your Special Gift
1 page

Extra Resources :
How to Protect Your Brand & Eliminate 99% of Pirated Material
Legal Protection Checklist
1 page
100 Content Marketing Case Studies
The 5 Branding Techniques Apple Uses That Most Businesses Don't
62-Page Guide: Building a Personal Brand
An Interview with Lynda Resnick

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