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3ds Max + Vray: Advanced Architectural Exteriors

Forest Pack Pro :
Forest Pack Settings Continued
Adding Detail and Context
Introduction to Megascans -- Integrating a Megascans Model To Your Scene
Scatter Leaves Around Your Scene with Forest Pack and Object Painting in 3ds Max
More Painting of Objects Into Your Scene
More Megascans!

Advanced Lighting Workflows :
HDRI workflow
Creating a Mood With Lighting

Advanced Material Creation -- Software / Assets / Techniques :
PBR Materials in 3ds Max
Quixel Mixer -- Custom Photo Scanned Materials
Using Substance Materials With V-Ray
Substance Designer for Arch Viz: Create Your Own Advanced PBR Materials
Best Texture Resources
Painting and Mapping Custom Maps Onto Your Objects
Adding Detail With Grunge Maps
Create a High Quality Material From Scratch

Advanced Effects -- Camera Settings / Atmospherics :
Composition Concepts
Download the Composition Thumbnail Here
Camera Settings and How To Use Them for Composition in 3ds Max
Getting Exposure Just Right
Creating Motion Blur and Depth of Field
Add V-Ray Atmospherics To Your Scene

Advanced V-Ray Next Render Settings :
Optimize Vray Render Settings for Best / Fastest Results
Essential Render Channels
Creating Perfect Masks for Compositing

Advanced Compositing With Photoshop :
Download My Post Files
Combining Render Elements Together
Color Grading Your Image To Change The Mood
Compositing Photo Assets -- People / Trees / etc.
Adjusting the People To Fit Into Your Scene
Finishing Touches And Special Effects

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