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3D Animation and Modeling Master Class Beginner to Advanced

Video Introducing this tutorial

Mastering Autodesk Maya :
How to download and install
Understanding the user interface
Primitives and selections
Position rotation and scale
Navigation viewport
Viewport views and layouts
Viewport shading and lighting
Material editor basics
Material editor textures
Material editor workspace
Material editor UVW
Render basics
Animation basics
Animation scene
Edit options vertex edge face
Edit mesh
Mesh tools
Hut scene setup
Hut wall
Hut door
Hut other items
Hut roof
Texture wall
Texture roof
Texture surfboards
Texture other items
Texture bamboo
Texture door
Scene layout
Render image
Render animation

Polygon Modeling with Autodesk Maya :
Set up spider body
Material Layers
Model body front view
Model Body Top View
Model body side view
Model body perspective view
Model head
Model head perspective view
Connecting the head to the body
Modeling the armor A
Modeling the armor B
Model Armor Head C
Model Armor Head D
Model Armor Head E
Model Armor Head F
Modeling the face
Modeling the face 2 fangs
Modeling the face 3 fangs
Modeling the face 4 fangs
Setup leg
Modeling the leg 1
Modeling the leg 2
Modeling the leg 3
Modeling the leg 4
Modeling the leg 5
Modeling the leg 6
Modeling the leg 7
Modeling the leg 8
Modeling the leg 9
Modeling the leg 10
Modeling the leg 11
Setup leg armor
Modeling the leg armor 1
Modeling the leg armor 2
Modeling the leg armor 3
Modeling the leg armor 4
Apply materials
Setup spider
Rendering the spider
Preparing the spider model
Leg bones
Leg Rig
Leg Skin 1
Leg Skin 2
Leg Copy
Leg ik
Body Bone
Body Skin
Body Rig
Body root
Idle animate
Walk animation 1
Walk animation 2
Walk animation 3
Walk animation 4
Spider conclusion

Mastering Autodesk 3DSMAX :
Download and activate
Welcome screen
User interface
Position rotation and scale
Navigate viewport
Viewport views layout
Viewport views
Viewport shading and lighting
Material editor basics
Material editor texture
Material textures UVW
Render basics
Animation basics
Animation scene
Edit polygons
Edit polygons general
Edit vertex
Edit edges
Edit polygon mode
Drone scene setup
Drone body
Drone motors
Drone legs
Drone underside
Drone camera
Drone animation
Drone render

Polygon Modeling with Autodesk 3DSMAX :
Project setup
Model head
Review head
Model body
Arm and sholder
Upper arm
Lower arm
Leg to hip
Upper leg
Lower leg to foot
Clean up
Unwrap review
Lighting and materials adjustment
Light and stage

Mastering Autodesk Mudbox :
Installation part 1
Installation part 2
User interface
Objects and transforms
Poly and subdivide
Sculpt tool
Paint tool
Sculpt layers
Paint layers
Practice model
Model viewport filters
Sculpt start
Sculpt structure
Sculpt details
Sculpt paint
Filters render