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3 step formula for playing guitar by ear

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
The 3 step formula

Tune your guitar :
Online guitar tuner

First melodies :
Let's get started with a super easy melody
Learn how to transpose. Play Au Clair de la Lune in different keys.
Ear workout with 4 super simple melodies. Start transposing as soon as possible!
Mary Had a Little Lamb
Farmer in the Dell
Old MacDonald Had a Farm
She'll Be Coming Down The Mountain

Apps that will change your life forever! :
How to proceed with this section
Slow music down for free with Audacity
The ultimate iOS app
Android apps + better transcribing app for Mac or PC

Review :
Let's review the melodies from the transcription assignment
My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean
Oh Suzanna
V'la L'bon Vent
Let's keep working together!
Do you love playing guitar by ear?

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