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2D Animation for Games

Video Introducing this tutorial

Principles of Animation :
Warm up Exercises
Bouncing Ball in Flash - Block Out
Bouncing Ball in Flash - Squash and Stretch

Sketching a basic Figure :
Sketching a Basic Template Figure
Blocking out the Figure in Vectors
Exporting the Body In Photoshop

Working in Spriter :
Importing the Figure into Spriter
Rigging in Spriter
Warm up exercise - Dynamic Poses Part II
Animation Observation Exercise
Blocking out the first poses
The Pass position
The down position
The High
Tweaking the Walk Cycle Animation
Exporting the frames from Spriter
Testing out the animation in Construct 2
Course Wrap Up
Recommended Books for Animators
Free Character Rig - Character by artist Rayner Alencar

Character Animation With John Nightingale :
Jump Part 1 Blocking Out The Pelvis
Jump Part 2 Leg Motion
Jump Part 3 Body, Head & Ear Motion
Jump Part 4 Arm & Gun Movement
Jump Part 5 Tail Movement

Run Animation :
Run Part 1 Main Poses
Run Part 2 Leg Movement
Run Part 3 Arm & Gun Movement
Run Part 4 The Tail

Idle Animation :
Idle Part 1 Blocking Out The Pelvis
Idle Part 2 Posing The Upper Body
Idle Part 3 Squash & Stretch
Idle Part 4 Adding Drag To The Limbs

Shoot Animation :
Shoot Part 1 Pelvis & Legs
Shoot Part 2 Animating The Gun
Shoot Part 3 Gun Recoil & Ear Movement
Shoot Part 4 The Tail
Section Wrap Up