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2019 Open Broadcaster Software – OBS Live Streaming Course

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction to the course :
Introduction to the course
OBS Interface Overview
Downloading OBS
How to optimize OBS for Stream and Recording
Where does OBS fit into the market?

Video Tutorials :
How to Sync up your Audio and Video in OBS
Recording Video in OBS
How to add a webcam and setup picture in picture
How to crop and rotate video inputs
How to setup color correction and LUTs
How to use Hotkeys in OBS
How to use RTSP Streams in OBS + PTZ Camera Controls
Using the OBS Multiviewer
Live Streaming with OBS
How to create and use a Stinger in OBS
How to enhance your audio with VST 2 Plugins and Voice Filters

Advanced OBS Tutorials :
Using NDI Cameras with OBS
NDI for OBS - Overview
Using an NDI Telestrator in OBS
OBS Instant Replay - Video Buffer
Using a Green Screen in OBS
Making a Virtual Set in OBS
PTZ Camera Control w/ Automated Scene Switching + xBox Joystick Control
Using multiple OBS Systems Together - Studio Case Study - Plus RTSP Streaming
What's new in OBS 20! Interface Deep Dive...
Creating a Ticker in OBS