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Dynamic Figure Sculpting

01 Learning the Tools and Building a Base    
02 Establishing Flow Part 1    
03 Establishing Flow Part 2    
14. Creating a Hand with Zspheres    
15. Sculpting the Hand Part 1    
16. Import and Mirror the Hand    
17. Sculpting the Hand Part 2    
18. Sculpting the Hand Part 3    
19. Sculpting the Glutes    
20. The Left Leg - Posterior    
21. The Upper Back    
22. Continuing on the Back and Legs    
23. Further Refining the Back    
24. Lats and Armpits    
25. Serratus and Deltoid    
26. Right External Oblique and Left Serratus    
27. Left External Oblique    
28. Touching up proportions using reference    
29. Touching up Trapezius, Latissimus Dorsi and more    
30. Cont. work under arm and around to back    
31. Forming the Rectus abdominus muscles    
32. Refining the External Obliques    
33. Cont. Refinement of Ex. Obliques and Abs    
34. Cont. Refinement of Ex. Obliques and Abs Part 2    
35. Cont. Refinement of Ex. Obliques and Abs Part 3    
36. Cont. Refinement of Ex. Obliques and Abs Part 4    
37. Cont. Refinement of Ex. Obliques and Abs Part 5    
38. Refinement of Left Ex. Obliques    
39. Checking Forms and Touching up the Triceps    
40. Refinemening Left Ex. Obliques and Serratus    
41. Defining the Gluteus Muscle Groups    
42. Skeleton Overview and Posing    
43. Shaping the flesh over the Sacrum and Pevlis    
44. Refining Teres Major and Trapezius    
45. Defining the Tensor Fasciae and Infraspinatus    
46. Defining the Gluteus Maximus and Medius    
47. Refining the muscle groups of the back overall    
48. Left Leg orientation and overall shape    
49. Refining in the Face and Head    
50. Defining Muscle Groups of the Leg    
51. Refining the Right Leg    
52. Refining the Left Leg    
53. Checking Proportions    
54. Sculpting the Left Foot    
55. Cleaning Up the Lower Left Leg    
56. Cleaning Up the Lower Right Leg    
57. Returning to the Knee    
58. The Knee Continued    
59. Refining the Inner Thigh    
60. Analyzing Elbow Reference    
61. Defining the Elbow and Forearm    
62. Sculpting the Bicep and Right Forearm    
63. Sculpting the Deltoid and Left Upper Arm    
64. Full Arm Demo and Hair Block In    
65. Refining the Hair    
66. Sculpting the Right Wrist    
67. Sculpting the Fingers    
68. Adjusting the Right Arm    
69. Refining the Fingers    
70. Veins    
71. Sculpting the Face part 1    
72. Sculpting the Face part 2    
73. Sculpting the Face part 3    
74. Examining Reference of the Face    
75. Refining the Back    
76. Creating the Undergarment    
77. Refining the Legs and Arms    
78. Finding and Utilizing Reference    
79. Introduction To Drapery and Beginning the Pants    
80. Major Folds of the Pants    
81. Refining the Pants    
82. Shirt