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Creating Sci-Fi Worlds

01 Finding Images and Compositing Them
02 Adding Mountians, Rocks and Sketching in the Main Ship
03 Blocking in and adding Details to the Ship
05 Adjusting the Shape and Value of the Mountains
06 Placing in the Background Mountains and Shrubury

01 Placing in Streams and Adding Clouds
02 Creating the Fighter Ship
03 Detailing the Fighter Ship
04 Modifying and Adding to the Design of Both Ships
05 Adding Engineering Details to the Main Ship

01 Adding Engineering Details to the Fighter Ships
02 Placing more Functional Details on the Ships
03 Adding Water Details to the Mountains
04 Placing Finer Details on the Main Ship
05 Inserting new Panels on the Main Ship
06 Adding Highlights

01 Laying in a Background Ship
02 Creating Flying Creatures
03 Creating Moons, Cloads and Exhaust Effects
04 Adding a Cliff Face and another Layer of Detail to the Main Ship
05 Placing in more Water Details
06 Adding Exhaust Trails
07 Completing the Painting

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