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Guide to Creating a WordPress Theme Options Page

1.1 Introduction 00:37
1.2 Theme Options Page vs. WordPress Customizer 04:47
1.3 Using Existing Solutions 05:30

Coding a Simple Page From Scratch
2.1 Adding the Administration Menu 07:50
2.2 Creating a Settings Section and Field 08:33
2.3 Displaying the Fields 08:34
2.4 Sanitizing Data 08:io

Creating a More Complex Page
3.1 Creating Section and Field Definitions 08:32
3.2 Initializing Options and Creating the Admin Menu 0441
3.3 Registering Settings and Displaying Fields and Sections
3.4 Creating Working Image Upload Fields 21:02
3.5 Adding Proper Field Sanitization 07:33

4.1 Final Words 01:08

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