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Design Your Own Custom Skins


2.Getting Started :
2.1.Create the Artwork
2.2.Prepare the Line Art
2.3.Set Up the Colors

3.Shapes and Gradients :
3.1.Create the Main Shapes
3.2.Effective Gradients

4.Custom Brushes:
4.1.The Blob Brush Tool
4.2.Create Fur With Brushes

5.Advanced Effects:
5.1.Create Fur With Effects
5.2.Morph Shapes

6.Advanced Blends and Masks:
6.2.Create Eyes With Blends

7.Transparency and Opacity Masks:
7.1.Create Shapes With Transparency
7.2.Opacity Masks

8.Prepare for Print:
8.1.Set Up Your Files for Print


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