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TTC Writing Your Story

Video Introducing this tutorial

01 What Happens When We Keep Secrets
02 Name Your Obsessions
03 Stick to Your Story
04 Identify Your Journey
05 Take Your Story Apart
06 The Landing Place
07 The Honesty Question
08 What's the Worst That Can Happen
09 Descriptive versus Interpretive Language
10 Diagramming the Sentence
11 The Importance of Economy
12 Dialogue and Rhythm
13 Six Common Mistakes Writers Make
14 The Paragraph
15 Building the Arc
16 The Test of a Good Memoir
17 The Container
18 Two Containers from Scratch
19 Developing Your Container
20 Dissecting a Good Container Essay
21 The Writing Life
22 Creating a Writing Practice
23 What Gets in Your Way
24 The Not-Writing Process
25 Criticism and Rejection
26 What Happens When We Tell Our Truth