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TTC Understanding the US Government

Video Introducing this tutorial

Why Have Government?
The Framework of US Federalism
Civil Liberties: Freedoms from Government
Civil Rights: Fairness under Government
How a Bill Becomes a Law
Why Congress Is Such a Puzzle
How Congressional Elections Work
The Powers of the Presidency
How Presidential Elections Work
A Road Map of the Federal Bureaucracy
How the Judicial Branch Works
Where the Supreme Court Meets Politics
The Challenges of Polling Public Opinion
How Political Parties Organize Democracy
How Americans Became So Polarized
The Fundamentals of Elections and Voting
How Does American Democracy Work?
The Ins and Outs of Campaign Finance
The Pros and Cons of Organized Interests
Politics and the Media
How Government Affects the Economy
How the US Social Safety Net Works
The Major Shifts in American Foreign Policy
The Changing State of American Democracy