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TTC Understanding Imperial China Dynasties, Life, and Culture

Video Introducing this tutorial

01. Opium, Trade, And War In Imperial China
02. The First Emperor’s Terra-cotta Warriors
03. China’s Early Golden Age The Han Dynasty
04. Amazing Ban Clan Historian, Soldier, Woman
05. China’s Buddhist Monks And Daoist Recluses
06. Cosmopolitan Chang’an Tang Dynasty Capital
07. China’s Grand Canal Lifeline Of An Empire
08. Triumph And Tragedy In Tang Poetry
09. Life And Times Of Song Dynasty Literati
10. A Day’s Journey Along The Qingming Scroll
11. Peasant Life On The Yellow River
12. Rice, Silk, And Tea South China’s Peasants
13. Genghis Khan And The Rise Of The Mongols
14. The Mongols And Marco Polo In Xanadu
15. Admiral Zheng He’s Treasure Fleet
16. China’s Bound Feet, Brides, And Widows
17. Ming Dynasty Trade And Spanish Silver
18. The Great Wall And Military Life In China
19. Qing Dynasty Soul Stealers And Sedition
20. Emperor Qianlong Hosts A British Ambassador
21. The Taiping Rebellion And Its Cult Leader
22. China’s Treaty Ports
23. Experiencing China’s Civil Service Exams
24. China’s Last Dynasty Fall Of The Manchus