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Understanding and Applying Self-Defense Strategies

Waking Up Your Natural Human Animal
Other Bodies as “Meat Puzzles”
Natural Targets on the Human Body
Weaponizing Your Body
Generating Power by Playing Smart
Expanding What You Are Willing to See and Do
Responding to the Ambush
How Violence Occurs
Predator Behavior and Violence
Social Conflict and Violence
Escape and Evasion
How and Why Conflict Escalates to Violence
De-escalating Your Monkey Brain
When and How to De-escalate Threats
Verbal Boundary Setting and Predator Test
Physical Boundary Setting and Defenses
Ethical Articulation Skills in Self-Defense
Physical Cheats in Self-Defense
Joint Locks in Self-Defense
Preparing for Defense on the Ground
The Ground Problem from Start to Finish
Weapons in Self-Defense
Protecting Your Very Important People
Adapt Your Self-Defense to the Environment
Bonus: Extended Warm-Up with Adaptations