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The Science of Extreme Weather

Extreme Weather Is Everywhere
Temperature Extremes and Cold-Air Outbreaks
Low Pressure and Earth's High Winds
Extreme Humidity, Rain, and Fog
How Radar Reveals Storms
How Satellites Track Severe Weather
Anatomy of a Lightning Strike
Lightning Extremes and Survival
Thunderstorm Formation and Weather Balloons
Wind Shear and Severe Thunderstorms
Squall Line Thunderstorms and Microbursts
Supercell Thunderstorms and Hail
Tornadoes and Their Amazing Winds
Tornadogenesis and Storm Chasing
Mountain Windstorms and Avalanches
Ice Storms: Freezing Rain Takes Over
Epic Snowfall and the Lake Effect
Blizzards and Winter Cyclones
Flash Floods and Deadly Moving Water
Drought, Heat Waves, and Dust Storms
Where Hurricanes Hit
The Enormous Structure of a Hurricane
Storm Surge and Hurricane Intensification
El Niño and Cycles of Extreme Weather