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The Apocryphal Jesus

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The Influence of Apocrypha
Jesus and Mary in the Proto-Gospel of James
Young Jesus in the Infancy Gospel of Thomas
Joseph and the Magi in the Apocrypha
The Apocrypha and the Cult of Mary
Lost Gospels and Fragments
Sayings of Jesus from the Gospel of Thomas
Jesus's Statements beyond the Gospels
Conversations with the Living Jesus
The Gospel of Judas's Gnostic Vision
The Gospel of Peter and the Talking Cross
The Apocrypha and Pilate's Sanctification
Dialogues with the Risen Jesus
Hope and Adventure in the Acts of John
Social Disruption in the Acts of Paul
Thecla: Independent Woman of the Apocrypha
Miracles and Magic in the Acts of Peter
Peter versus Paul in the Pseudo-Clementines
The Acts of Thomas and the Mission to India
Spiritual Love in the Acts of Andrew
Forged Letters of Jesus and the Apostles
Revelations That Didn't Make the Bible
Tours of Hell before Dante
Apocrypha after the New Testament

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