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The American West: History, Myth, and Legacy

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Westward the Course of Empire
The West in the Colonial Era
Venturing beyond the Appalachians
Discoveries of Lewis and Clark
The Fur Trade and the Mountain Men
Trail of Tears
Struggles of the Plains Indians
Rebellious Texas and the Alamo
Traveling the Oregon Trail
Manifest Destiny and the Mexican War
The California Gold Rush
Bleeding Kansas and Civil War in the West
Building the Transcontinental Railroads
Cowboys and Cattle Drives
Homesteaders on the Plains
Little Bighorn and Wounded Knee
Life in Western Towns and Cities
John Wesley Powell and the Desert Southwest
Women in the Wild West
From Territories to Western States
Western Violence, Law, and Order
Protecting Yellowstone and Yosemite
Mythology of the American West
Winning the West?

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