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TTC Rise of the Novel: Exploring History’s Greatest Early Works

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Rediscovering the Novel
Roman Novels: Satyricon and The Golden Ass
Don Quixote and the Picaresque Novel
Don Quixote: A Deeper Look
La Princesse de Clèves and the French Novel
The Realistic Novel: Robinson Crusoe
The Satiric Novel: Gulliver's Travels
Manon Lescaut: A Tale of Passion
Joseph Andrews: An Epic Parody
The Psychological Novel: Clarissa
The Great Comic Novel: Tom Jones
Plot and Structure in Tom Jones
Philosophical Satire in France: Candide
Comic Travel Letters: Humphry Clinker
English Metafiction: Tristram Shandy
French Metafiction: Jacques the Fatalist and His Master
The French Romantic Novel: Julie
The Amoral Novel: Les Liaisons dangereuses
Pride and Prejudice: The Best English Novel?
Emma: Better Than the Best English Novel?
The German Romantic Novel: The Sorrows of Young Werther
The Horror Novel: Frankenstein
A French Masterpiece: The Red and the Black
An English Masterpiece: Middlemarch