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Rise and Fall of the British Empire

The Sun Never Set
The Challenge to Spain in the New World
African Slavery and the West Indies
Imperial Beginnings in India
Clive and the Conquest of India
Wolfe and the Conquest of Canada
The Loss of the American Colonies
Exploring the Planet
Napoleon Challenges the Empire
The Other Side of the World
Abolition of the Slave Trade and Slavery
Early African Colonies
China and the Opium Wars
Britain—The Imperial Center
Ireland—The Tragic Relationship
India and the "Great Game"
Rebellion and Mutiny in India
How Canada Became a Nation
The Exploration and Settlement of Africa
Gold, Greed, and Geopolitics in Africa
The Empire in Literature
Economics and Theories of Empire
The British Empire Fights Imperial Germany
Versailles and Disillusionment
Ireland Divided
Cricket and the British Empire
British India between the World Wars
World War II—England Alone
World War II—The Pyrrhic Victory
Twilight of the Raj
Israel, Egypt, and the Suez Canal
The Decolonization of Africa
The White Dominions
Britain after the Empire
Colonial and Postcolonial Literature
Epitaph and Legacy