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Origins of the Human Mind

Brains and Minds, Evolution and Development
How the Human Brain Works
Development of the Human Brain
Evolution and the Brain
Psychological Views of the Mind
Instinct, Learning, and Emotion
Microevolution, Culture, and the Brain
Infancy—Temperament and Attachment
Childhood—Stages and Widening Contexts
Adolescence—Rebellion, Identity, and Self
Adulthood—Aging, Horizons, and Wisdom
Influences of Sex and Gender
Parallels between Development and Evolution
Myths and Realities of Heritability
Genes and Environments Together
The Abnormal Mind—What Goes Wrong?
Rationality, Psychosis, and Schizophrenia
Emotion Regulation and Mood Disorders
Attention, Impulse Control, and ADHD
Empathy, Social Connections, and Autism
Evolution and the Paradox of Mental Illness
Roots of Religion, Aggression, and Prejudice
Bringing in Personal Narratives
The Future of the Human Mind