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TTC Music as a Mirror of History

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Music and History, Madrigals and Maps
Handel: Water Music (1714)
Mozart: The Abduction from the Harem (1782)
Haydn: Mass in the Time of War (1797)
Beethoven: The Farewell Sonata (1810)
Beethoven: Wellington's Victory (1813)
Berlioz/de L'Isle: "La Marseillaise" (1830)
Chopin: Étude in C Minor, Op. 10, No. 12 (1831)
Glinka: A Life for the Tsar (1836)
Strauss Sr.: Radetzky March (1848)
Brahms: Piano Quartet in G Minor, Op. 25 (1861)
Gottschalk: The Union (1862)
Verdi: Nabucco (1842)
Wagner: The Ring (1876)
Dvořák: From the New World Symphony (1893)
Balakirev: Symphony No. 1 (1898)
Janáček: Piano Sonata I.X.1905 (1906)
Rimsky-Korsakov: The Golden Cockerel (1907)
Holst: Ode to Death (1919)
Berg: Wozzeck (1922)
Shostakovich: Symphony No. 13 (1962)
Copland: Symphony No. 3 (1946)
Gorecki: Symphony No. 3 (1976)
Crumb: Black Angels (1970)