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Litigation: Litigation and the American Legal System
Litigation: Thinking like a Lawyer
Litigation: Representing Your Client
Litigation: Trial Strategy behind the Scenes
Litigation: Opening Statements: The Moment of Primacy
Litigation: Direct Examination: Questioning Your Witnesses
Litigation: The Art of the Objection
Litigation: Problematic Evidence
Litigation: Controlling Cross-Examination
Litigation: Closing Arguments: Driving Your Theory Home
Litigation: Understanding the Appellate Process
Litigation: Arguing before the Supreme Court
Criminal Law: Who Defines Crimes, and How?
Criminal Law: Crime and the Guilty Mind
Criminal Law: Homicide and Moral Culpability
Criminal Law: The Law of Self-Defense
Criminal Law: Federal Crimes and Federal Power
Criminal Law: Cruel and Unusual Punishments
Criminal Law: Due Process and the Right to Counsel
Criminal Law: Government Searches and Privacy Rights
Criminal Law: The Shrinking Warrant Requirement
Criminal Law: The Fifth Amendment Privilege
Criminal Law: Miranda and Police Interrogations
Criminal Law: Plea Bargains, Jury Trials, and Justice
Civil Procedure: Procedural Rights and Why They Matter
Civil Procedure: Subject Matter Jurisdiction
Civil Procedure: Jurisdiction over the Defendant
Civil Procedure: A Modern Approach to Personal Jurisdiction
Civil Procedure: The Role of Pleadings
Civil Procedure: Understanding Complex Litigation
Civil Procedure: The Use and Abuse of Discovery
Civil Procedure: Deciding a Case before the Trial Ends
Civil Procedure: The Right to a Civil Jury Trial
Civil Procedure: Determining What Law Applies
Civil Procedure: Relitigation and Preclusion
Civil Procedure: Appeals and How They Are Judged
Torts: The Calamitous World of Tort Law
Torts: Legal Duty to Others
Torts: Reasonable Care and the Reasonable Person
Torts: Rules versus Standards of Care
Torts: The Complexities of Factual Causation
Torts: Legal Causation and Foreseeability
Torts: Liability for the Acts of Others
Torts: When Tort Plaintiffs Share the Blame
Torts: Animals, Blasting, and Strict Liability
Torts: The Rise of Products Liability
Torts: Products Liability Today
Torts: Punitive Damages and Their Limits

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