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Introduction to Paleontology

Video Introducing this tutorial

History on a Geological Scale
Life Cast in Ancient Stone
Tools of the Paleontological Trade
How Do You Fossilize Behavior?
Taxonomy: The Order of Life
Minerals and the Evolving Earth
Fossil Timekeepers
Fossils and the Shifting Crust
Our Vast Troves of Microfossils
Ocean Fire and the Origin of Life
The Ancient Roots of Biodiversity
Arthropod Rule on Planet Earth
Devonian Death and the Spread of Forests
Life's Greatest Crisis: The Permian
Life's Slow Recovery after the Permian
Dinosaur Interpretations and Spinosaurus
Whales: Throwing Away Legs for the Sea
Insects, Plants, and the Rise of Flower Power
The Not-So-Humble Story of Grass
Australia's Megafauna: Komodo Dragons
Mammoths, Mastodons, and the Quest to Clone
The Little People of Flores
The Neanderthal Among Us
Paleontology and the Future of Earth

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