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TTC How Science Shapes Science Fiction

Video Introducing this tutorial

Science and Fiction! The Wayfarers Series
Cheating the Science: Protector
Prediction: From the Earth to the Moon
World-Building in The Left Hand of Darkness
Advanced World-Building in Avatar
Action and Reaction in The Avengers
Space Travel and 2001: A Space Odyssey
Interplanetary Travel and The Martian
Space Battles and Energy Weapons: Star Wars
Advanced Rocket Systems in Star Trek
Relativity and Time for the Stars
Black Holes, Wormholes, and Interstellar
Time Travel and Doctor Who
Teleportation and Star Trek
Cyberspace and the Singularity: Neuromancer
Steampunk Science and Leviathan
Design Your Own Dragon: Game of Thrones
Planetary Ecology in Dune
Extraterrestrial Intelligence and Contact
UFOs, ESP, and The X-Files
Social Sciences and the Foundation Series
Designed Languages and Arrival
Cosmology, the Mind, and Star Maker
Science Fiction's Purpose: Childhood's End