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Historys Greatest Voyages of Exploration

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The Earliest Explorers
The Scientific Voyage of Pytheas the Greek
St. Brendan: The Travels of an Irish Monk
Xuanzang's Journey to the West
Leif Eriksson the Lucky
Marco Polo and Sir John Mandeville
Ibn Battuta: Never the Same Route Twice
Portugal's Great Leap Forward
The Enigmatic Christopher Columbus
Magellan and the Advent of Globalization
The Ruthless Ambition of the Conquistadors
Henry Hudson: Death on the Ice
The Jesuits on a Global Mission
Captain Cook Maps the World
Alexander von Humboldt: Explorer Genius
Jefferson Dispatches Lewis and Clark
Sir John Franklin's Epic Disaster
Ida Pfeiffer: Victorian Extreme Traveler
Japan Discovers the West
Dr. Livingstone and Mary Kingsley in Africa
Arctic Feats and Fates
Antarctic Rivalries
A Deep-Sea Dive into the Mariana Trench
The Race to Outer Space