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Fundamentals of Photography

Making Great Pictures
Camera Equipment—What You Need
Lenses and Focal Length
Shutter Speeds
Aperture and Depth of Field
Light I—Found or Ambient Light
Light II—Color and Intensity
Light III—Introduced Light
Composition I—Seeing Well
Composition II—Background and Perspective
Composition III—Framing and Layering
Let’s Go to Work—Landscapes
Let’s Go to Work—Wildlife
Let’s Go to Work—People and Relationships
Let’s Go to Work—From Mundane to Extraordinary
Let’s Go to Work—Special Occasions
Let’s Go to Work—Family Vacations
Advanced Topics—Research and Preparation
Advanced Topics—Macro Photography
Advanced Topics—Low Light
Advanced Topics—Problem Solving
After the Snap—Workflow and Organization
Editing—Choosing the Right Image
Telling a Story with Pictures—The Photo Essay