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Exploring the Roots of Religion

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The Roots of Religious Experience
Neanderthal Burials at Shanidar
Hunting Magic in Sacred Caves
Myths of the Shaman
Realm of the Mother Goddess
Mysteries of the Megaliths
Towers and Tombs of Sumeria
Tomb of the First Emperor of China
Feasting with the Dead at Petra
Druid Sacrifice at Lindow Moss?
Honoring Ancestors in Ancient Ohio
A Viking Queen Sails to Eternity
Dancing with Bulls at Knossos
Oracle Bones in Ancient China
Sun and Sexuality in Early Scandinavia
Apollo Speaks at Klaros
Chalice of Blood in Ancient Peru
Decoding Rituals at Palenque
Temple of the Goddess on Malta
The Aten—Monotheism in Egypt
Deities of the Acropolis
Gods and Pyramids at Teotihuacan
Sacred City on the Mississippi
Sun and Shadow at Machu Picchu
Celestial Gateway at Giza
Cosmic Hub at Stonehenge
Desert Lines at Nazca
Skywatchers at Chaco Canyon
Mountain of the Gods at Angkor
The Stone Heads of Easter Island
Tending Zoroaster's Sacred Fire in Iran
Writing the Dead Sea Scrolls at Qumran
Taking Religions Underground at Rome
Forging Iron at Jenne-jeno on the Niger
Carving Monasteries at Ajanta in India
Faiths Lost and Found