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TTC Colored Pencil Basics

Video Introducing this tutorial

Colored Pencil Basics
Class Preview
What You Need Colored Pencils
What You Need Paper
What You Need Other Tools
Method Mark-Making Basics
Method Layering and Edges
Method Reference Tips
Method Color Basics
Method Next Steps with Color
Make It Pear, Part One
Make It Pear, Part Two
Make It Leafy Greens
Make It Persimmon
Make It Tulip
Class Preview
First Steps
Color Basics
Luminous Color Layering
Surface Textures in Colored Pencils
Color and Texture Come Together
Background and Atmosphere
Bright and Bold Colors
Class Preview
Organic Textures
Uneven Surfaces and Markings
Metallic Textures
Wood Grain and Branches
Fur and Feathers
Fabric and Leather
Class Preview
Layering, Blending, and Burnishing
Working with Reference Photos
Value and Fixing Mistakes
Adding Dimension
Blurring and Blending
Natural Shadows and Leaves
Dramatic Backgrounds and Petal Veins