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Brain Myths Exploded: Lessons from Neuroscience

Is Your Brain Perfectly Designed?
Are Bigger Brains Smarter?
Is Mental Illness Just a Chemical Imbalance?
Are Creative People Right-Brained?
How Different Are Male and Female Brains?
How Accurate Is Your Memory?
Do You Only Use 10% of Your Brain?
Do You Perceive the World as It Really Is?
Is Your Brain Too Smart for Magic Tricks?
Is Your Brain Objective?
Do You Have 5 Independent Senses?
Can Certain Foods Make You Smarter?
Can Brain Games Make You Smarter?
Does Your Brain Shut Down during Sleep?
Are Your Decisions Rational?
Are You Always Conscious while Awake?
Are Other Animals Conscious?
Can You Multitask Efficiently?
Are Dreams Meaningful?
Can Brain Scans Read Your Mind?
Can Adult Brains Change for the Better?
Do Special Neurons Enable Social Life?
Is Your Brain Unprejudiced?
Does Technology Make You Stupid?

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