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Books That Matter: The Analects of Confucius

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1 The Hidden Teaching Dynamic of the Analects
2 The Analects: A Bird's-Eye View
3 The Man We Call Confucius
4 How the Analects Is Organized
5 The Provenance of the Analects
6 The Analects in Miniature
7 Learning to Read the Analects
8 Confucius's Students: Zai Wo and Yan Hui
9 Confucius's Students: Zilu and Zigong
10 Confucius on the Purpose of Learning
11 Filial Devotion in the Analects
12 Confucius on the Value of Remonstrance
13 The Exemplary Person in the Analects
14 Confucius's Ideal: Consummate Conduct
15 Confucius on Cultivating the Social Self
16 Ritual Conduct in the Analects
17 Confucius on Embodied Ritual and Music
18 The Analects on Effective Rule
19 Mencius: The Next Confucian Sage
20 Confucius's Daoist and Legalist Critics
21 State Confucianism and Buddhism
22 Sima Guang and the Confucian Revival
23 Neo-Confucianism and the Political Order
24 Confucius's Comeback in a Global World