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TTC America’s Long Struggle Against Slavery

Video Introducing this tutorial

Understanding the Fight against Slavery
Origins of Slavery in the British Empire
Opposing the African Slave Trade
Shipboard Rebellion and Resistance
A Free Black Family in Colonial Virginia
Quakers and Puritans Join the Fight
Thomas Thistlewood's Plantation Revolution
Phibbah Thistlewood: Sleeping with the Enemy
Slave Insurrections in the 18th Century
Maroons: Those Who Escaped
Three Quaker Activists
Slavery in the War for Independence
Taking Slavery to Court
Charles Pinckney's Counterrevolution
The Haitian Revolution
Founding the Free Black Churches
The Second Middle Passage
Our Native Country: Opposing Colonization
David Walker, Nat Turner, and Black Immediatism
William Lloyd Garrison's "Thousand Witnesses"
Surviving King Cotton
Roger Taney: Nationalizing Slavery
Frederick Douglass and Aggressive Abolition
Harriet Beecher Stowe and Harriet Tubman
The Black Heart of John Brown
The Slaves' Experience of the Civil War
US Colored Troops: Those Who Served
Fighting Slavery after Emancipation
Slavery by Another Name
Fighting Modern Slavery