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Treehouse WordPress Basics

Video Introducing this tutorial

1 Managing Content in WordPress:
S1V1-Logging In to a WordPress Site
S1V2-FIXED-Default Content in WordPress
S1V3-Pages in WordPress
S1V4-Posts in WordPress
S1V5-Categories and Tags in WordPress
S1V6-Comments in WordPress
S1V7-Custom Content Types in WordPress

2 Managing Media in WordPress:
S2V1-An Introduction to Media in WordPress
S2V2-Adding Images to a Post or Page
S2V3-Image Galleries in WordPress
S2V4-Native Audio File Support in WordPress
S2V5-Native Video File Support in WordPress
S2V6-Embedding External Media in WordPress

3 The WordPress Customizer:
S3V1-An Introduction to the WordPress Customizer
S3V2-Common Customizer Options
S3V3-Managing Menus
S3V4-Working with Widgets

4 WordPress Themes:
S4V1-Introduction to WordPress Themes
S4V2-Installing and Activating Themes
S4V3-How to Find WordPress Themes

5 WordPress Plugins:
S5V1-Introduction to Plugins in WordPress
S5V2-Finding and Installing Plugins
S5V3-Common Types of WordPress Plugins
S5V4-Course Overview