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Treehouse VR in Unity

Video Introducing this tutorial

1 VR Setup:
RE-Introduction and System Requirements
Project Overview
RE-VR Camera Setup
HTC Vive Setup

2 Physics Setup:
Physics Considerations in VR
Collider Setup
Mesh Colliders
Physic Materials and Fixed Timesteps

3 Physics Scripting:
Setting up the Throw Object Script
Preparing to Throw an Object
Applying Physics Forces
Powering Up Throwing Force
Understanding Coroutines
Returning Objects with a Coroutine

4 Gameplay:
VR Game Design
Creating the Game Manager
Adding the Scoreboard
Detecting Baskets

5 Positional Audio:
Audio Source Setup
Ambient Sounds and Reverb
Positioning Impact Sounds
Playing Impact Sounds
Triggering Net Sounds
RE-Additional Audio Scripting