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Treehouse UX Basics

Video Introducing this tutorial

1 What is User Experience (UX):
A Brief History of UX
The Foundation of UX
The Importance of UX
UX Disciplines
The Backgrounds of Great UX Designers

2 What Do UX Designers Do:
Problem Solvers
Understanding Users and Content
Understanding Context
Modeling, Testing and Executing the Experience
UX Careers

3 How UXers Think:
Thinking Big in Order to Think Small
We're All Users
Everything is Content
UX is Everywhere

4 Tools UXers Use:
Tools for Understanding Users
Tools for Understanding Content and Context
Tools for Modeling the Experience
Tools for Testing

5 Moving Forward with UX:
Strategic UX
Rationalizing UX
The Business of UX
Proving the Value of UX
Where Do We Go From Here