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Treehouse SQL Basics

Video Introducing this tutorial

1 Data, Databases and SQL:
1-1-Why This Course
1-2-Data is Everywhere
1-3-Talking to Databases with SQL
1-4-Fix-Organizing Data with Databases
1-5-Types of Data

2 Getting Data from a Database:
2-1-Tools We'll be Using
2-2-Your First SQL Statement
2-3-Retrieving Specific Columns of Information
2-4-Categorizing Your Output with 'AS'
2-5-Review & Practice with SQL Playgrounds

3 Finding the Data You Want:
3-1-Searching Tables with 'WHERE'
3-2-Fix-Filtering by Comparing Values
3-3-Filtering on More than One Condition
3-4-Filtering by Dates
3-5-Searching Within a Set of Values
3-6-Searching Within a Range of Values
3-7-Finding Data that Matches a Pattern
3-8-Filtering Out or Finding Missing Information
3-9-Fix-Review & Practice with SQL Playgrounds