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Sass Basics

Video Introducing this tutorial

Getting Started with Sass :
Get up and running with Sass! In this stage, you'll learn to compile Sass into plain CSS, and use variables to make your code less repetitive and easier to maintain.
What is Sass?
Installing and Using Sass
Introduction to Sass Review
Compiling Sass to CSS
Compile a Directory of Sass Files
Compiling Sass Review
Declaring and Using Variables
Naming Variables
Declare and Use Variables

Improve Your Workflow with Sass :
Ready to experience the true power and elegance of Sass? In this stage, you'll learn to keep your code "DRY", using nested selectors and the & symbol to reference the parent selector of nested rules. You'll also create reusable blocks of code called mixins, and extend the properties of other selectors via the @extend directive.
Nested Selectors
Use the Ampersand to Reference Parent Selectors
Write Nested Selectors
Introducing Mixins
Pass Content Blocks to Mixins
Write a Mixin
Extend the Properties of Selectors
Extend Placeholder Selectors
Practice Extending a Selector
Using Comments

Sass Workflow Review :
Write Smart and Efficient CSS with Sass
Learn to organize your Sass projects with partials, and efficient ways to manage media queries, color values and repeating patterns in your code.
Separate Your Stylesheet Into Partials
Nesting Media Queries
Partials and Media Queries Review
Color Functions
Custom Functions
Write a Sass Function
Create a Function for Flexbox Layout
Functions Review

Add Reusable Logic to Your Sass :
Time to add powerful logic to your stylesheets! Push your Sass skills further by creating smarter and extensible mixins. Write conditionals and loops to simplify repetitive tasks, and learn how Sass helps you handle errors and debug code in the browser.
Creating Powerful Mixins
Smarter Mixins with null and Keyword Arguments
Advanced Mixins Challenge
Add Conditional Logic to Your Stylesheets
Storing Values in Maps
Write Loops with @for
Loop Through Lists with @each
Loop Through Data in a Map with @each
Maps and Loops Review
Handling Errors with @error and @warn
Debugging Sass with Sourcemaps
Debugging Review

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