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Treehouse Reporting with SQL

Video Introducing this tutorial

1 Ordering, Limiting and Paging Results:
1-2_1-Retrieving Results in a Particular Order
1-3-Limiting the Number of Results
1-4-Paging Through Results
1-5-Practice Session

2 Working with Text:
2-1-What Are Functions
2-2- Adding Text Columns Together
2-3- Finding the Length of Text
2-4-Changing the Case of Text Columns
2-5-Creating Excerpts From Text
2-6-Replacing Portions of Text
2-7-Practice Session

3 Aggregate and Numeric Functions:
3-1-Counting Results
3-2-Counting Groups of Rows
3-3-Getting the Grand Total
3-4-Calculating Averages
3-5-Getting Minimum and Maximum Values
3-6-Performing Math on Numeric Types
3-7-Practice Session

4 Date and Time Functions:
4-1-Differences Between Databases
4-2-Creating Up-to-the-Minute Reports
4-3-Calculating Dates
4-4-Formatting Dates For Reporting
4-5-Practice Session