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Treehouse Object-Oriented PHP Basics

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. Why Object-Oriented Programming:
1-1-Introducing the Cookbook Project
1-2-What is Object-Oriented Programming
1-3-Why Use Object-Oriented Programming

2. Understanding Classes:
2-1-Classes and Objects
2-2-Adding Properties
2-3_V2-Accessing Properties
2-4-Adding Methods
2-5-Accessing Methods

3. Building the Recipe:
3-1-Access Modifiers
3-10-Populating the Recipes
3-2-Associative Arrays
3-3_1-Cleaning Up the Class
3-4-Adding Getters and Setters
3-5_1-Static Methods
3-6_1-Recipe Details
3-7_1-Separating Methods
3-8_1-Magic Methods
3-9-Magic Constants

4. Building a Collection:
4-1-Creating a Collection
4-2_1-Enhancing the Collection
4-3-Shopping List Method
4-4-Creating a Meal Plan