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Treehouse Mobile Game Design

Video Introducing this tutorial

1 Introduction to Game Design:
S1-V1-Mobile Gaming and Tools of the Trade
S1-V2-Brainstorming and Sketching your Concept
S1-V3-Sharing Ideas and Iterating
S1-V4-Understanding Game Mechanics

2 Designing the Characters and Scene:
S2-V1-Game Design Document
S2-V2-Document Setup for the Scene & HUD
S2-V3-Character Design Part 1
S2-V4-Character Design Part 2
S2-V5-Creating a High Fidelity Ground
S2-V6-Creating a High Fidelity Background
S2-V7-Creating High Fidelity Characters

3 Animating and Saving Sprites:
S3-V1-Animating Enemies
S3-V2-Animating Space Cat and Projectiles
S3-V3-Exporting Assets

4 Sound Design:
S4-V1-Creating Sound Effects with CFXR
S4-V2-Making Music with Garageband Loops

5 The Start Menu and App Icon:
S5-V1-Start Screen
S5-V2-App Icon