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Treehouse Kotlin for Java Developers

Video Introducing this tutorial

1 Hello Kotlin!:
S1V1-Introducing Kotlin and the Project
S1V2-Fix1- Creating the Project
S1V3-Creating the Card Class
S1V4-The Card Class Kollector's Edition
S1V5-Finishing the Card Class
S1V6-Making the Deck
S1V7_1-Stacking the Deck
S1V8-Compacting the Deck
S1V9-Using the Deck

2 Modelling Solitaire:
S2V1_V2-The Big Picture
S2V2-Building the Foundation
S2V3_V3-The Surface Is Fine and Powdery
S2V4-Creating the Tableau
S2V5-Checking Suits
S2V6-Removing Cards
S2V7-Testing the Tableau Adding Cards
S2V8-Testing the Tableau Removing Cards

3 Putting It All Together:
S3V1-Let the Games Begin
S3V2-Finishing the Reset
S3V3-Handling User Interactions
S3V4-Playing Cards
S3V5-Tapping the Tableau
S3V6-Presenting the Presenter
S3V7-Finishing the Presenter

4 Is This Thing On:
S4V1-Seeing Clearly
S4V2-Well Suited
S4V3-Planning to Print
S4V4-Shining, Shimmering, Splendid
S4V5-It's Alive!