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jQuery Basics

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introducing jQuery :
Learn what jQuery is, a bit about its history, and how to include it in your projects. Then dive into creating your first jQuery application: a blog previewer with a simple flash animation!
What is jQuery?
jQuery: History and Relevance Today
jQuery vs. JavaScript
Review: What is jQuery?
Animating Elements with jQuery
jQuery Syntax and Animation Effects
Blog Previewer: Changing Content Inside Elements
Using text() and html()
Blog Previewer: Getting Values from Form Fields
Getting Values from Form Fields
Introduction to jQuery Review

Understanding jQuery Events and DOM Traversal :
Learn more about jQuery selectors, events, and DOM traversal by building a fun and interactive spoiler revealer.
Adding jQuery to a Project
Spoiler Revealer: Breaking it Down
Understanding Unobtrusive JavaScript
Adding New Elements to the DOM
Progressive Enhancement and Unobtrusive JavaScript
Adding New Elements to the DOM
Using on() for Event Handling
Using Events with Dynamically Added Elements
The Event Object
Events with jQuery
What is Traversal?
DOM Traversal with jQuery
jQuery Events and DOM Traversal Review

Working with jQuery Collections :
Use more advanced selectors and traversal methods, and learn how to loop through a jQuery collection by enhancing a web development newsfeed.
jQuery-Specific Selectors
Working with jQuery-Specific Selectors
Changing Element Properties
Changing Element Styles and Classes
Adding/Removing Classes
Stopping the Browser's Default Behavior
Looping through a jQuery collection
The .each() method
Working with jQuery Collections Review

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