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Treehouse Intents and Broadcast Receivers

Video Introducing this tutorial

1 For All Intents and Purposes:
S1V1-Communication is Hard
S1V2-Setting Up the Project
S1V3-Explicit vs Implicit Intents
S1V4-Intent Extras and Results
S1V5-Passing Results Back to Activities
S1V6-Parcelable Complex Data
S1V7-Unpacking Parcelable Data

2 Implicit Intents and Intent Filters:
S2V1-Using an Implicit Intent
S2V2-Unmatched Implicit Intents
S2V3-Intent Filters
S2V4-Handling an Intent from a Filter
S2V5-Sharing Songs with a Custom Intent
S2V6-Using a Custom Intent Filter

3 Broadcast Receivers:
S3V1-Broadcast Intents and Receivers
S3V2-Registering in the Manifest
S3V3-Registering in Code
S3V4-Updating the UI from a Broadcast Receiver
S3V5-Custom Broadcast Intents and Receivers

4 Local Notifications:
S4V1-Adding Text to a Notification
S4V2-Opening an App via a Notification
S4V3-Adding a Download Notification
S4V4-Wrapping Up