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Treehouse Illustrator Foundations

Video Introducing this tutorial

1 Introduction to Adobe Illustrator:
1-1-Final-Introduction to Adobe Illustrator
1-2-Final-Vector vs. Raster Graphics
1-3-2-Final-Working with Different Types of Mediums
1-4-Final-Understanding the Application

2 Creating an Icon:
2-1-Document Setup & Understanding the Interface
2-2-Setting Up Our First Document
2-3-Understanding Shapes
2-4-Grouping Objects & Group Selection
2-6-Aligning Objects

3 Adding Color and Type:
3-1-Creating Custom Workspaces
3-2-Colors, Patterns and Selecting Objects
3-3-Final-Scale, Rotate, Reflect & Select
3-4-FINAL-Type Tools
3-5-Final-Additional Shape Tools
3-6-Final-2-Painting Objects and Adding Graphic Fills

4 How to Draw in Illustrator:
4-1-Final-2-The Paintbrush
4-2-Final-The Blob Brush & Erasing Options
4-3-Final-The Pencil Tool
4-4-Final-Manipulating Stroke Paths
4-5-1-Final-Creating Custom Brushes Part 1
4-5-2-Final-2-Creating Custom Brushes Part 2
4-6-Final-2-Transparency and Blending Modes
4-7-Final-Image Trace

5 Applying Effects:
5-1-3D Effects
5-2-Pathfinder Effects
5-3-Warp Effects
5-4-Convert to Shape
5-5-Stylize Effects
5-6-Path Distort & Transform
5-8-Photoshop Effects
5-9-Graphic Libraries & Styles

6 Creating Home Page Assets:
6-1-Final-The Blend Tool
6-2-Final-Symbolism Tools
6-4-Final-2-The Perspective Grid Tool
6-5-Final-3-Save for Web