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Treehouse How to Market Your Business

Video Introducing this tutorial

1 Social Media:
1-pr-The Power of Social Media
2-Today's Social Networks
3-Social Strategy
4-Conversations & Communities
6-Public Relations
7-Social Analytics

2 Usability Basics:
1-pr-Introduction to Usability
2-Common Concerns
4-Information Scent
5-Browsers, Devices, and Apps

3 Usability Testing:
1-pr-Introduction to Usability Testing
2-Goals, Scenarios, and Personas
3-Preparing and Conducting Tests
4-Results and Recommendations

4 Search Engine Optimization:
1-pr-Defining SEO
2-How Search Engines Work
3-Search Tools and Analytics
4-Paid Search and Advertising

5 Email Marketing:
1-pr-Email Marketing Basics
2-Providers, Tools, and Analytics
3-Design and Content
4-Email Lists and Segments
5-Campaign Management
6-Privacy and SPAM

6 Video Marketing:
1-pr-fix-Video Content
2-Types of Videos
3-Production Needs
4-Stages of Production
5-Publishing Videos