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Treehouse How to Make a Game

Video Introducing this tutorial

1 Introduction to Games:
1V1-What is a Game
1V2-What is a Game Engine
1V4-Install Unity

2 The Unity Editor and Scene Setup:
2V1-The Unity Editor Interface
2V2-Setup the Project
2V3-Navigating the Scene View
2V4-Place Assets in the Scene View
2V5-Position the Camera
2V6-Image Effects and the Asset Store

3 Player Input and Cameras:
3-1-Program Games with C# and Unity
3-2-C# Variables and Classes
3-3_V2-Gather Player Input
3-4-Move the Player with Animation
3-7-Create a Target Rotation
3-8-Rotate the Player Towards the Target
3-9-Make a Follow Camera

4 Pickups:
4-1_V2-Script the Fly Movement
4-2-Script the Fly Pickup
4-3-Add Pickup Particles
4-4-Create the Pickup Spawner
4-5-Spawn Pickups Randomly

5 Score, Enemies, and Game State:
5-1-Add the Score Counter UI
5-2-Script the Score Counter
5-3-Create Enemy Navigation and AI
5-4-Monitor Player Health
5-5-Manage the Game State
tage5-6-Add a Start and End

6 Game Audio:
6-1-Add Background Sound and Music
6-2_V4-Script a Random Sound Player
6-3_V2-Play Sounds with Scripts
6-4-Additional Audio Scripting
6-5-Audio Mixing

7 Build and Share a Unity Game:
7-1-Build for Windows & OS X
7-2-Go Make Games