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Treehouse Enumerations and Optionals in Swift

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. Introduction to Enumerations:
1-1-V2-The Problem with Primitives
1-2-Modeling Finite Data
1-3-Getting Rid of Strings
1-4-Associated Enums
1-5-Methods on Enumerations

2. Introduction to Optionals:
2-1-V2-The Absence of Data
2-2-Working with Optional Types
2-3-Optional Binding
2-4-Downsides to Using If Let
2-5-Early Exits Using Guard
2-6-Recap on Optionals

3. Objects and Optionals:
3-1-V2-Enumerations With Raw Values
3-2-Initializing With Raw Values
3-3-Optional Chaining
3-4-Pattern Matching With Enums
3-5-Nil Coalescing Operator