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Treehouse Copyright Basics

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. Getting Started with Copyright:
1-1-Introduction to Copyright Basics
1-2-What is Copyright
1-3-How to Copyright Your Work
1-4-What Can Be Copyrighted
1-6-What Copyright Means to You

2. Fair Use and Public Domain:
2-1-Understanding Fair Use
2-2-The Purpose
2-3-The Nature
2-4-The Amount
2-5-The Effect
2-6-Fair Use in the Real World
2-7-Public Domain

3. Licensing:
3-1-Introduction to Licensing
3-2-How to Read a License Agreement
3-3-Paid Licenses
3-4-Royalty-Free Licenses
3-5-Open Source
3-6-Creative Commons
3-7-Licensing and You

4. Protecting and Sharing Your Work:
4-1-How to Register Your Copyright
4-2-How to Write a Copyright Notice
4-3-Sharing Your Work
4-4-Sending a DMCA Takedown Notice
4-5-Don't Worry