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Treehouse Build an Interactive Story App with Swift

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. Navigating Through An Adventure:
1-2-Navigation Controllers
1-3-Root View Controllers
1-4-Designing the Main Screen
1-5-Adding a Show Segue

2. Creating a Story:
2-1-V2-Pages and Stories
2-2-Story Segments as Enum Members
2-3-Structure of a Page
2-4-Helper Methods
2-5-Creating an Adventure

3. Creating the User Interface Programmatically:
3-1-V2-Page Controllers
3-2-Prepare For Segue
3-3-Creating Views Programmatically
3-4-Displaying the Story
3-5-Attributed Strings
3-6-Making a Choice
3-7-Continuing Our Story

4. Refactoring Our Code:
4-1-V2-Immediately Executing Anonymous Functions
4-2-Extensions and Computed Properties
4-3-Lazy Loading
4-4-Finishing Up the Refactor

5. Personalizing the Story:
5-1-V2-Adding Associated Values
5-2-User Input Through a Text Field
5-3-Handling Incorrect Input
5-4-Communicating Via Notifications
5-5-Modifying Constraints
5-6-Dismissing the Keyboard

6. Adding Sound Effects:
6-1-V2-Repositioning the Text Field
6-2-URLs for Sound Files
6-3-Playing a System Sound